Monday, October 27, 2014

Road Trip!

Fred, Livia and Holly on the banks of the St. Lawrence seaway
My nephew Daniel and his family are now living in Ottawa, Canada.  They took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to take a little roadtrip to Quebec a few weeks ago.

The car was packed and all ready for adventure!
Daniel relates that their outdated GPS went crazy when he decided to find a different route to follow via Google maps.
All packed and ready for anything!
The new route gave their old GPS a fit.  It claimed they were driving in the in the middle of a field for about an hour...

On the road and ignoring the GPS...
The City of Quebec sits on the St. Lawrence river.  Here is a view across the river from the City.

The St. Lawrence River, or Fleuve Saint Laurent

The City of Quebec takes its name from an Algonquin Indian word, Kebec, meaning, "Where the river narrows".

The City of Quebec has served as a capital city of some sort for over 400 years.  Today it stands as the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec.

The city and metropolitan area surrounding it are home to three-quarters of a million people.
I love the fall foliage!
The above photo was take from the Ile d'Orleans, an island which was the first area settled by the French back in the 17th century.

Cruise ships on the St. Lawrence

The British scored a massive victory over the French at the Plains of Abraham in 1759.  This decisive victory changed the course of American history, too.

The Plains of Abraham
This former battlefield is now a beautiful, serene  wooded area.

The paths through the area attest to hikers in the area.

I love these shops along the narrow streets! (below)

Les Bouquinistes
They say visiting Quebec is like seeing Europe without crossing the Atlantic!

The Colisee Pepsi
One of the places Daniel wanted to see was the Colisée Pepsi, formerly known as the Colisée de Québec, where the Québec Nordiques used to play.  He tells me a minor league team plays there now.
Along the St. Lawrence river
The above shot is looking out from the Terrasse Dufferin out to Levis, a community across the river from the city.

The quaint and the modern juxtaposed in the Old City
Quebec still has a fortress that remains intact and part of the ramparts which surround the old city.

Statue of Samuel de Champlain,
the founder of Quebec City
The Champlain Monument is on Dufferin Terrace.  It commemorates the man who founded the city in the year 1608.

Le Chateau Frontenac
The massive Chateau Frontenac hotel is a famous landmark.  Daniel says it's quite expensive! And, No, they did not stay there!

It looks very beautiful at night, however!

What a beautiful time of year to visit this historic place
The Île d'Orléans (above), was one of the first places that French settlers colonized starting in the 17th century. 

This stone church (below) dates back to the mid-1600s:

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church
on the Ile d'Orleans

I've always wanted to visit Quebec.  I'm so glad Daniel and his family gave us this little tour!

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