Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn In Oregon

A Beautiful Autumn Wreath decorates Desiree's charming home
My Oregon correspondent, Desiree, recently sent me some photos from her neck of the woods.  It looks like it's really Autumn there already!

She made the lovely door wreath.  Those are Chinese lanterns, and other beautiful organic stuff from her garden gracing it.  The Chinese lanterns turn bright orange when they are hung and dried, so they make a delightful addition to the fall flower arrangements.

Desiree reports that the weather is still fairly warm up there.  It's been the hottest summer on record for the Portland area.  However, her little kitties have made it through a long, hot and dry summer fairly well.  Sweet Angel is now 17 years old.  She's an old lady now, but she's still as sweet as ever.

Angel at 17
She still loves belly scritches, too!  (Who doesn't?)

Sweet Angel
Desiree told me she had one last rose of summer to photograph.  The yellow roses were fragrant and beautiful this summer, but suffered in the heat.

Here is the last one:
The last rose of summer
Now the nights are getting cool and they have already had one good, hard rain. (Wish we'd get some of that!)

Kitty Rocky likes eating his grass every day - seeds and all.  Here he is, caught in the act.  He's a good kitty kid, and reminds me of my sweet Emily cat.  I like how he poses for the camera.

Rocky in the garden
Desiree says the Canada geese and snow geese have been making big Vs in the sky each evening, heading south for the winter.  Local birds are flocking for their move to warmer climates... like my neighborhood!  And pumpkins are ripe and being hauled in from the local fields.  (We've got them at our supermarkets, too!)

It's my favorite time of year!

Of course, Desiree, being creative, also bought some local pumpkins and squash to brighten up her porch. Doesn't that look pretty?

Nature's bounty
Thank you, Desiree, for brightening up my day with a little Autumnal cheer!  Happy October, everyone!

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