Monday, October 20, 2014

So Long and Good Luck!

We just lost a co-worker... well, we didn't actually LOSE Emma, we know where she is, but she left the company to pursue other horizons.  I'm really going to miss her.  She is a really nice lady, a good friend, and a co-worker who was kind and a lot of fun to work with.

Emma's farewell lunch was held at the San Antonio Winery in Lincoln Heights.  I had never been there before, but it's quite the place!

Barbara, Carmen and Veronica in the parking lot
The winery has been around for 97 years!  That's a long time in this area of the world.

The Winery gives tours of the facilities and wine tastings, but they also have a delightful restaurant.

Barbara, Veronica and Carmen posing with Emma's gift
When you first get inside, there is a long counter.  All the varieties of wines that the Winery produces are available there for tasting and purchase.

The wine counter

There is also a large gift shop with all kinds of delightful things.  (Even for non-wine drinkers, like me!)

Carmen and Barbara
(I know, they look like they're praying!  They're really just shopping.)
 Since Halloween is coming up there were all kinds of fun Halloween themed gifts.
Veronica being silly
 We had a long table for all nine of us.

Oops,. didn't get everyone in...
 I had to try twice to get everyone in the shot!

There, that's better!
(L to R) Sabrina, Carmen, Barbara, Joel, Juan, Veronica, Emma and Nikita
I work with great people.  I sure enjoy spending time with them.  Sabrina cracks me up.  She's a delightful story-teller.  Joel is our boss and COO of the company.  Juan is the company's CFO. The rest of us are in either marketing and admin.

There were all kinds of good things to choose from to eat
 I had a bow-tie pasta dish with shrimp that was excellent.

The atmosphere is fun.  The ceiling is rounded and has staves, so it's almost like being on the inside of a very large wine barrel.

A very, very large wine barrel.
Looking into a conference room
 The large dining room was nearly full.  It is a loud and lively place.

The desserts were very Italian
I had the small cannoli shown on the plate above.  (Not bad, but not like the wonderful ones at Mama Louisa's in Tucson, Arizona.  They are the bar, for me.)

Sabrina, Carmen and Barbara
 Of course, Emma was the guest of honor.  She had a couple of presents to open.

Veronica (on the left) photobombs, while I take a serious snap of our beautiful Emma
I didn't notice the face Veronica was making until I went back through these photos!  Ha! Someone was telling a joke, I believe.

Emma began opening her gifts after dessert.

It was fun to see her look of joy.  Then we'd get sad.  We tried to hold back the tears!  I had to give her a million hugs on her last day.  

 And now we take a moment to compose our emotions before we plough onward with our story...

The barrel stave ceiling
... isn't the ceiling cool?

Okay, I'm doing better now.  Here's a photo of part of the gang:

Barbara, Veronica, Nikita, Carmen and Sabrina
Have I mentioned how much I love these wonderful ladies?  I'm so blessed to work with delightful women.
We took a couple of photos as we were leaving.  Joel ended up right in the light on this bottom one (below).  He ends up looking rather like an angel of light.

The group:
Barbara, Chico the Mexican Giraffe, Emma, Veronica, Joel, Nikita, Carmen, Sabrina and Moi
It was a fun lunch.  Emma seemed to enjoy it.  She's already been at her new job for half a week now.

Time marches on and the only constant is change.

Emma, we miss you!  Hope you stop by and visit a lot!

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