Thursday, October 23, 2014

TBT: The Trombone Man

Jay in 1969
Phoenix, Arizona
And when those Longview Lancers fall in line
We're going to win a game another time!
We're all for Longview anyone can tell,
And for those Lancers we will yell and yell and yell!

We're going to show you what real sports are like.
We're going to fight hard, play hard, all the time.
And when the whistle blows for the game to stop
We'll be on top
For old Longview School!

That was our elementary school fight song.  The sprawling Longview School that we knew - right on the corner of 12th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona - is long gone, replaced by a modern, characterless, multi-story building.

The marching band, back in the day, made up of 6th, 7th and 8th graders, was quite the band!  It was so good, largely due to the efforts of our beloved band leader, Mr. Wells, it was featured in the Phoenix Rodeo Parade that marched up Central Avenue year after year.  

My brother played the trombone in that band.  And in the Jazz Band.

He's now a grandfather of two.

Here is Jay today:

Jay, the guy with the bow tie
Jay, last year, with two of his five children.

Christian, Nils, and Jay
Time marches... pardon the pun... on!

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