Friday, January 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Guy

Remember the bright Christmas elf from Trader Joe's?

I forgot to mention that he also appeared as Thanksgiving Turkey Guy at Thanksgiving.  And, as if to restore my faith in mankind, he offered to send me a photo of himself dressed as the aforementioned Thanksgiving Turkey Guy when I admitted I'd been too shy to ask him to pose for me in November.

In fact, he sent it to me, right then and there as I was waiting in the check-out line.  Is that nice, or what?

So, here it is, to brighten your day:  Thanksgiving Turkey Guy!  The Gobble-meister himself!  In all his All-American Turkey glory:
It gives the phrase "thunder thighs" a whole new meaning.

I wish I'd gotten a side view as well.  Sideways the effect was even better.

The feet just make the whole thing. 

When I came across him in this garb, back in November, he was chatting to a little girl sitting in a shopping cart being pushed by her mommy.  The little girl didn't think there was anything strange about this guy at all, or the way he looked. 

Or, maybe it was just that my own giggles were drowning out hers.  Could be!

I'll be looking for Thanksgiving Turkey guy again in 11 months.  In the meantime, I'll be bracing myself for Valentine's Day...

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