Monday, January 23, 2012

Pet Adoption Rescues People too!

A happy Toby trying to look cool for the camera
A friend of mine recently lost a pet to cancer.  It was a difficult time for her.  With loving concern, she and her vet did all they could to save the kitty, but it wasn't enough.  Sweet little Sam was only a couple of years old when he finally lost his battle with that dread disease. 

My friend decided to adopt not long afterwards.  She heard about Toby and Theo through a rescue group.  Toby and Theo were found, alone, in a vacant apartment in Compton, California.  Someone had left them with some food, water and a litter box before they had abandoned them. 

Rescue workers wanted to keep the two together.  One cat was pretty outgoing, but the other was shy and quiet.  They had been through a lot together.

My friend took them both.  She said the kitties were happy to have a home and are adapting quite well to living with her.  The boys are helping my friend heal from her loss.  They are all three settling in comfortably together. 

Toby looks pretty mischievous to me!  And Theo reminds me very much of a sweet kitty I once knew named Doc Savage, Cat of Bronze.  Doc was one of the best little Daddy cats I've ever known.

Shy Theo
Thousands of animals are euthanized each day across America who could have been given a chance to survive.  If you are planning on getting a pet, please adopt from a shelter!  There are so many wonderful animals in the world who need a good home like yours. 

If you already have a pet - please spay and neuter your animals!  It is the responsible, kind thing to do.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of little Theos and Tobys (and Jacks) everywhere.



Marybeth said...

The best pet we ever had was Bandit, a black rabbit from the shelter. Had him for many years, he even jumped on the trampoline with us.

Anonymous said...

Rescues are the best both ways!