Wednesday, January 4, 2012

God Bless Skype

Christmas Eve celebrations with the clan

I love modern technology!  I came home from a fun-filled dinner with friends early on Christmas Eve, dreading being alone for the rest of the evening.  My little Jack kitty may be good company, but he doesn't say much.  (He's the strong, silent type.)

Christmas Eve was always the big celebration at our house growing up, and it continues to be the highlight of Christmas celebration at at my brother's house now, as well.  Contemplating a lonely evening, I took a minute to call Utah to see how things were going there and was told: Turn on your computer and sign onto Skype right now!

For the next hour or more, I was able to share an unusual Christmas, singing along with my niece and youngest nephews in Utah, and being able to see and talk to my great niece and nephew in China at the same time.  It was an hour ahead Utah time, and Christmas Day noon for the China-based family, but we were still able to enjoy each other's company and see everyone.  How great is that?

What a world of wonders this is!

What could have been a lonely evening, was turned upside down into laughter and music. 

It was a truly Merry Christmas!

So, God Bless Skype. 



Marybeth said...

So glad it turned out to be a wonderful evening for you!!!

Nicole and Andy said...

That is really cool. Skype DOES rock!