Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Majestic Mount Hood

How would you like to have a view like this from your living room?  Someone in the Pacific Northwest has it!  My friend Desiree snapped this photo while at a job site last week at a home that has been blessed in the "great scenic views" department.

It's photos such as these that make it easy to understand why ancient people held the tops of mountains to be sacred.  (If you ever visit the National Observatory at Kitt Peak outside of Tucson, Arizona, they have an orientation film that mentions this concept.  Or, at least, they used to!)

Desiree writes that it's hard to get good photos of Mt. Hood as it's usually shrouded in a heavy cloud cover.  However, the weather has been unusually dry and clear this month, making this great photo possible.  (Since then they've received a wee bit o' snow, I believe!)

She calls this her "why I moved to Oregon" shot. 

Even though I enjoy living in Southern California, I totally understand.

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Darrel B said...

I get a view of that same mountain on my drive to work every morning. It's beautiful, except on the days when it's too overcast and drizzly to see, which happens more often than not.