Friday, January 13, 2012

The Case of the Mysterious Christmas Ribbons

One day, about a week or so before Christmas, I began finding little bits of ribbons around the house.
 At first it was just a tiny piece of green ribbon, then a piece of red...
I knew it had to be Jack's doing, but I couldn't figure out where they were coming from.  He's too little and not strong enough to get into the drawer where I keep the ribbons and wrapping paper, so I was mystified.

Until one day I saw this:
Yes, that's Jack with his head buried in the bag where I was keeping the small gifts for some of my co-workers.

I realized then that he had been systematically pulling the ribbons off the gifts in order to play with them.
Got any more of those?  They are fun!
I then discovered he had found all my hiding places for Christmas stuff.

The small boxes...
 And the bigger boxes...
 He particularly liked the ones he could curl up in.
We decided to keep the one Jack liked the best.  It's just the right size for playing with his favorite Christmas present - the bright orange fishy that Aunt Dianna sent.

So, mystery solved.  And ladies, sorry about all the little teeth marks and cat spit on the ribbons this year.  Jack was "helping".

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Vicki said... that boy!!!! Brings back great memories of my girls!!!!!