Friday, December 23, 2011

No Bag Left Behind

 As I've mentioned before on these pages, Jack has a "No Bag Left Unconquered" policy.
 He had an interesting "conversation" with the Polly's Pies bag recently!

This was particularly fun because the bag made lots of great crinkly noises.  Jack really likes to play with things that make a great deal of noise.

Things that make noise are just inherently more fun.
I think it's just the right size for a kitty.

Does that mean that Jack is pie-sized?

Hmmm... a thought to ponder on a nice quiet day. 

The Norwegians call this day Lille Jul Aften, or Little Christmas Eve.  For Americans, it's called The Last Regular Work Day Before Christmas.  In honor of the occasion, my coworkers are running around with little silly gifts for each other.  It's a nice tradition.

As for Little Christmas Eve, may yours be merry and bright.

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