Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cuautla Service Project

Cleaning the Turtle Lake in Cuautla

My nephew, Elder Nils, recently participated in a service project for the city of Cuautla, Mexico.  He writes:

The service project was incredible. We spent most of the time cleaning out the mini turtle lake. We had to take all of the turtles out of the lake and put them in a small turtle pond, and then, with small hand brushes, clean out all the algae, and turtle and fish poo. It was pretty fun to catch turtles and fish with your hands, though. You gotta be a little careful.. those turtles bite.  We had a few kids with some small bites on their feet.

It was pretty fun, though.  We had a huge crowd there by the end of the service project. The leader of the DIF [a Community leader] showed up, bought us all food, and gave us a commemoration thing. (Is commemoration even a word? I'm forgetting my English!) We got to contact a few people while cleaning the place out, so it was pretty cool.

The Missionaries of Cuautla, Mexico

That's Elder Nils in the front row with the gray USA tee-shirt, and his arm around his companion, Elder Blair.

And, yes, they felt the earthquake the other night!  It was felt from Acapulco clear to Mexico City.  It hit at 7:47 local time on Saturday, December 10th and measured a magnitude 6.5, centered at Guerrero, Mexico.

Both Nils and Elder Blair were at the church making phone calls when the earth started moving.  Neither one of them had experienced an earthquake before, so at first they thought they were going crazy - until it happened again!  When they tried calling out they discovered the phones weren't working.

They finally asked their neighbor if he had felt it.  To play a prank on them, he said, "No, I didn't feel anything.  You boys should quit drinking so much if the ground starts moving!"

They are all fine, by the way.

Just another exciting week in the mission field.

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