Friday, December 30, 2011

An Evening with the Shepherds and Angels

Joseph hanging with the Shepherds and Wise Men with a little help from Dad
I love Christmas.  I love little kids.  When you put the two together, it's always a winning combo.

On Christmas Eve, I had the privilege of being a part of a quiet, but stunning theatrical performance of the Nativity.  It was a lovely show with the finest actors available.

There was singing and dancing!
The Angelic Heavenly Host apparently not only sang for joy at the Saviour's birth...

... but apparently also expressed their joy through interpretive dance. 
I didn't know this before.  I feel enlightened.
The actors and actresses all took their roles very seriously. 

I was so impressed by their stage presence and fine acting skills.  They all did a wonderful job.  I was transported by the story they told so simply.  It was really theatre at its finest.
The beautiful Virgin Mary on her Daddy's lap, while the sweet little lamb holds Baby Jesus
I really recommend this little acting troupe and its excellent crew. 

However, their performances are very exclusive.  I believe you've missed them for this year!
The Shepherds couldn't help playing a bit with their staves. 
I feel myself very honored to have been able to witness this event.

Lucky me!

So, Happy Christmas and, especially, a Happy New Year to all!
After their fine performances, three happy actresses pose with their matching Christmas PJs
... And to all a good night!


Marybeth said...

Love the pic with Maren and Lauren! What a fun evening!!

Linnea said...

So cute. What a great activity for Christmas!!