Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

I have a sweet little Nativity set that I've put up on the TV every Christmas for years.  It is small and simple, with a shepherd peeking in through the window of the stable, sheep, a chubby angel above them, a charming Joseph, and, of course, a beautiful Mary holding little baby Jesus.

I love the shepherd peeking in at the window

A few years ago, when my niece was a teen, she made little Swedish Lucia and Stjerne Gutt (star boy) figures.  These little figures have also become a part of my Nativity scene.

Star Boy has suffered through the years, and his star wand has been glued and taped together countless times.  Lucia has fared better.

Last weekend my family celebrated the Lucia festival with other Scandinavians.  They live in another state, so I only got to see photos of my youngest nephew in his star boy costume.  Which the kids jokingly refer to as their "dresses and dunce caps" (see my post on 12/16/11).

The Star boys and Lucias are all part of a Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Christmas - a holdover from pagan times when they served as a reminder that the dark times of winter would evenutally give way to light.  I think the idea of the triumph of light over darkness was appealing to early Christians.
Upon closer inspection, I realized this year my little Stjerne Gutt's hat was full of tiny little kitten teeth marks...
Trust me, the teeth marks are there, just not visible in the photo.

It appears that the symbols of Christmas also had a certain appeal to a little kitty boy who lives at my house!  I'm going to have to have a talk with that little boy.  Jack?  You got some 'xplaining to do!

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Linnea said...

Hehehe. Anders and I were talking about remaking little Lucias and Star Boys, because none of them have fared very well through the years. The Star Boy I have here has lost his star and stick completely.