Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Orleans Since Katrina

Bourbon Street at night
My brother just returned from a business related trip to New Orleans.  His stark black and white photos make life there seem rather grim.   
Bourbon Street by day
In the photo above you can just barely see the bikini clad young woman huddled behind the barker.
Inside a tiny Jazz bar on Bourbon Street
 I can almost hear the great sounds!

The group "Jumbo Shrimp" getting their groove on
 I have reflected on the fact that Katrina, as horrible a natural disaster as it was, ended up getting many people not only out of Louisiana, but out of poverty and squalor.  In any event, it changed thousands of people's lives - all along the Gulf states - forever.

With tourism down, life in New Orleans has to still be difficult for the people the storm left behind.
The French Quarter

Photos courtesy J. Evensen

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