Friday, September 2, 2011

Across the many waters

Fredrik with Goo Ma's card
When I go shopping for cards for kids, I try to get them ones that will do something, or be fun to play with.  I remember how excited I was, as a child, to get mail addressed to me.   (Funny how that doesn't get old until you're all grown up and the mail addressed to you becomes either bills or junk mail!) I also remember that getting mail was even better if you could play with the card after you read it.

So, I went in search of such a thing, carefully picking out a card for Fred for his second birthday.  I found one at the local drugstore that had a puppet built into it and a fun story about various animals. 

Then I sent it off on its long perilous journey to the Orient.

Fred showing his card to his sister
 I'm told he really liked it!
Imagine how thrilled I was to get these photos of my little Fred and the card I sent.  It apparently has afforded some hours of play for the little guy. 

Not bad for a birthday card.
It just warms my heart to see that little card was a big hit.

It also is a reminder that it's the little things in life, the small and simple things, that are often the sweetest.

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