Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Little Scamp

We had an accident the other day. It involved some intense play with an old shoelace and a little kitty who got spooked by something he saw out in the courtyard, and turned abruptly in mid-leap - crashing through the front door window.

First there was a heavy thump.  It was immediately followed by a mighty shattering of glass.

One little grey and white furball ran and hid under the bed out of sheer terror and surprise.

I never did find the old shoelace afterwards. Thank heavens it's our only real casualty!

"Ooops."  Jack surveys the damage
 Jack has never broken anything before.  He was quite upset by the incident.  Since then he has also been upset by not being able to see properly out of "his" window.  He had to be consoled the whole rest of the day, poor baby.  

Thank heavens our apartment handyman was able to come by and cover the large gaping hole with cardboard.  He also taped up the cracks so the remaining window would hold together and wouldn't be further damaged. 
Now Jack tries to punch out the cardboard!  It's obstructing his view of the reality TV in his yard.  (Little rascal!) I put a chair up against it to be safe.  I can't wait until the glazier shows up today and replaces it!

The face of guilt

The door pane was old and may have dated back to  1917 when the building was originally built.   We're getting safety glass installed now. No more jagged 'glass shards of death' in case of accident.  Because accidents do happen.

Thoughts on the subject: 
1) Children, even cat children, can be enormously expensive.
2) How ready am I for an emergency?  I suddenly feel the need to expand my first aid kit (although neither one of us was hurt), and to lay in a large supply of duct tape!

My Jack, repentant, has sworn off playing with shoelaces.

And life goes on...

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Marybeth said...

What a cat! Hope your window gets repaired soon.