Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Film Noir (et Blanc)

Christian on the field with his team mates

Paul Simon once lamented that "everything looks worse in black and white".  I beg to differ.  I think that putting things into black and white often helps us to see things more clearly, and certainly lets us see ordinary things very differently.

Anders evaluating the field under a brooding sky

These soccer game photos, for example, become all about grace in movement, contrasts and composition.  The black and white medium turns what could be ordinary images into art.

Anders going after the ball

Christian and friends watching the older boys play

Soccer becomes a ballet of movement...

..and a soccer ball Riverdance of sorts

The Crane - you go, little grasshopper

My Norwegian grandfather and his brothers were soccer crazy and even started their own soccer club back in the beginnings of the last century. 

I think my grandfather would be happy to know the mania has now been passed down through another generation.

All photos courtesy of J. Evensen

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