Thursday, September 8, 2011

Evil Queen

I frequently see this car on the road on my way in to work in the morning and every time I see it, I think: Evil Queen?  Seriously?

What is that supposed to be?  A mission statement?  An expression of pride?  A dire warning?

I mean, if you really are an evil queen, would you advertise?  Would it be wise to advertise? Wouldn't it be better to keep people unaware, unsuspecting, and clueless?  Putting up a sign advertising your evil queeness is like putting a bell on a cat.  It gives your potential victims enough warning to get the heck out of the way.

Of course, it might draw some people in out of curiosity.  As humans we have a certain fascination with evil.  However, it is not something I aspire to!

And if it's just that you think evil queens look really cool and have the best clothes, well, I hear you, but that still doesn't fly in the big scheme of things.

Then there's the Disney angle.  Evil Disney queens are quite popular.  But doesn't a sign that makes you immediately think of Disney characters already suck some of the "evil" right out of the whole thing?  You can't be serious about evil queens when the same thought takes you right to Mickey, Minnie, seven dwarves and little princesses.

I suspect even the selfish and cruel Maleficent herself would have trouble with the Evil Queen moniker.  I think she'd see herself as pro-active and powerful rather than evil.

And I seriously doubt she would be driving a Chevy.

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Darrel B said...

Surely this is a case of Short Man Syndrome, only the individual is female, and rather than short, has some other issue of inferiority she's trying to compensate for.

How's that for some amateur psychology? LOL