Monday, May 18, 2015

Summa Cum Infans

Jeff gets his Doctorate with Annika in hand
Boy, do I love this photo (above)!  It's my nephew-in-law Jeff getting his Doctorate from George Washington University.  It's also his daughter, one month-old Annika's, introduction to the world.  

I love the expressions on everyone's faces.  What is it about babies that does that to people?  Isn't it wonderful?  Wouldn't it be great if we could bottle the essence of that warm feeling we get when we see cute babies and use it whenever we feel low?

Annika at the DPT Ceremony
Annika evidently went to all the graduation festivities.  Pretty cool for a NEW girl.  I hear she is extremely popular wherever she goes.

Annika at her Dad's commencement
My brother said he overheard someone talking about the "Class Baby".  I think that's adorable.  [When I first posted this, I wasn't aware that the Class Baby was a "thing" at GWU!  Apparently this is a tradition at the University.  Who knew?  - Well, now we do!]

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Baby of Inordinate Cuteness
No, he's not proud of that little girl!  Not at all.

The following day, the University's graduation convocation was held on the Mall in front of the Washington monument.  What a spectacular setting!

Graduation ceremonies are always exciting. This one, with such an historically significant venue seems even more so. The future awaits!

However, it looks like all the hoopla didn't impress little Miss Annika one iota.

Jeff, Linnea and baby Annika
But I see she was wearing her school colors for her first public appearance.  Way to go, Annika!

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