Monday, May 11, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños!

Melanie, the birthday girl
There is nothing more frustrating than to have gone to a birthday party and later realizing you didn't really get a good photo of one of the birthday people.

When the Delgados invited me to their shindig. I was surprised to see that the invitation included Melanie, the lovely daughter pictured above, and her Dad, Noe!  Yup, I asked and discovered that their birthdays were so close together, they decided to have one big party for them both.

I think it was a great idea.

Sister Allen, one of our senior missionaries chats with Evangeline and the Ibeys
What a party!  There was all kinds of delicious food for dinner - really tasty dishes that Sister Delgado (who is an excellent cook) prepared.  There were enchiladas, a pork dish that was to die for, rice and beans as well as other dishes, and a whole table full of great desserts.

I filled up a huge plate and really chowed down. I noticed everyone ate very well. It was all good.  I don't get home-cooked meals all that often, so when I do, I enjoy them to the fullest.

People kept coming and going throughout the late afternoon and evening

These tarts were really yummy.

The Ibeys and McKeons enjoying the karaoke music!
There were lots of people there when I arrived, and folks drifted in and out all evening.  It was a cool, pleasant evening, just perfect for gathering with friends outdoors.

Now, here is where I have to apologize.  This was the only photo (below) I got of Brother Delgado the entire evening! It's all fuzzy and everything.  I can't believe I did that.  Let me just tell you that Brother Delgado, Noe, is a very handsome man and has a terrific voice.  He had hooked up the karaoke machine and belted a few numbers for our enjoyment.  The crowd enjoyed it immensely.

Noe crooning 
I sat with my friends, the Rodriguezes.  (That doesn't look right, but you get the idea.)

My good friend Mary Beth
Then I started taking photos of the Delgado girls.  I like the Delgado girls.  They are sweet and kind and talented... and beautiful.  (They keep having birthdays, so I see I will soon have to start calling them the Delgado women.)

First it was a photo of Melanie, and then her sister, Keyla, got into the act.

Keyla and Melanie

... and then mom Karina stopped by for Mary Beth to snap a photo of them.  I really like this photo (below).  Mom doesn't look any older than her daughters, does she?  

Karina, Keyla and Melanie
Finally, not to be left out, the youngest, Beverly, joined in.  By that time we had started giggling a little, and people were gathering to stare at the photo op.

Beverly, Keyla, Karina and Melanie
We're so lucky to have this beautiful family in our ward.  It was a lovely evening.

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