Monday, May 4, 2015

Bianca's Day

Bianca and her cousin Emmy are very intense as they open gifts
What do you do for a three-year-old who has everything?  You throw her an Ariel themed mermaid birthday party!

The Ariel pinata was bigger than Bianca!
Mom and Dad fed us adults a great dinner before Bianca got to open her gifts.  Her actual little kids' birthday party with other children her age was on the Saturday before.

I was very happy to avoid that bit of mayhem!  It was held at a local pizzeria that is loud and boisterous - and has video games and fun things for kids to do. You know the kind? Crazy birthday parties for little kids are not my idea of a good time.

I'm more sedate.  Yeah, and refined.  (Are you done snorting in derision yet?  Or just laughing out loud?)

Trays of yummy cupcakes!
Bianca's Mom baked all kinds of cupcakes for this occasion.  They were pretty.  They were tasty. You could say they were pretty tasty.

The cakes were beautifully decorated
Bianca is a popular little girl.  She got lots of presents.

The birthday present stash
Bianca has two big brothers who are very possessive and protective of her...

Big brother Aaron lights the candles
... and doting grandparents...
Bianca blows out the candles with help from her grandmother
.. and lots of other relatives, and stray friends like me!

Pretty clothes!
I remember how thrilled I was to receive clothes for my birthday when I was a kid.

Hmmmm.... what's this?
Bianca looked very serious as she opened her gifts.  She got some really cute stuff.  I'm jealous.

All us grown-ups had a nice dinner
 Her Aunt Veronica (in the photo above with her husband Evan), is expecting a little girl in August.  Soon Bianca will have another little girl cousin to play with!  Hooray!

While we mature ladies were having fun with the present opening and such, the guys preferred to watch an action movie.  Explosions and car chases won out.

The guys, being manly men, watched a movie
I had a fun time with my friend Bianca at her party!

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