Wednesday, May 13, 2015

La Femme Nikita's... Birthday!

Ivy, Nikita and Sabrina
For her birthday celebration this year, Nikita asked if we could go to Bollini's Pizzeria Napoletana on Garfield in Monterey Park.  It's not far from the office, and the thought of Italian food made everyone immediately say, "Yes!  Let's go!".

Checking out the menus
Veronica, Ana and Laura
I'd never been to Bollini's before.  It was charming on the inside and packed with a boisterous luncheon crowd.
Sabrina and Yours Truly
It didn't take me long to peruse the menu. I was in the mood for pasta.  So were others in our group.  Veronica and Ana ordered a pizza to share.  It came out first, looking hand-tossed, crispy and totally yummy.

Our waiter was a nice guy.  I'm surprised he heard any of our orders with all the ambient noise from other diners.  It's a noisy place.
Our waiter
When our pasta orders finally arrived, I was delighted that my pasta carbonara was served with the egg on top!  You can't see it in the photo, because I had already mixed it into my pasta before I remembered to take a picture.  But it was really authentic carbonara, guys! Pancetta!  Peas!  Silky sauce! Really yummy!

My pasta carbonara
I'm not sure what everyone else ordered, but when they saw me get out the camera, they showed me their dishes:
Laura ordered what looks like a spaghetti dish
Everything looked very tasty.  After the photo op, we all attacked our pasta with great gusto.
Sabrina chose penne pasta in what might have been an arrabbiata sauce
Someone at the table next to us was also celebrating a birthday.  The balloons lent a festive air to our corner of the restaurant.
Birthday Balloons at a neighboring table
We always enjoy going out together.  I love these good women.  They are a joy to work with.

Veronica, Ana and Laura posing prettily
Hope you had a great birthday, Nikita!  It was fun celebrating with you.

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