Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day - Italian style?

Eastbound on Hollywood Boulevard at Vine
Memorial Day is a day for thoughtful remembrance of all those who have given their lives so we can enjoy our own lives in the way that is most pleasing to us.  I'm so grateful for the freedoms we experience living in the good ol' USA.

As I was sitting at home on Monday morning, bemoaning the fact that I had nothing fun to do and still felt rather rotten from a persistent upper-respiratory virus, I got a text message from my neighbor.  "Do you want to go to lunch at 1 pm?" it read.

Yes, I did.  However, I was quick to point out that I was't feeling well and might be contagious.  

Miceli's of Hollywood has been around since 1949
My friend is a nurse, and he didn't seem to mind.  So, I happily (albeit rather slowly!) got dressed and we took off for Hollywood.

Yes, Hollywood!  When you live in Southern California you can do that, you know.

We went to an Italian place known as Miceli's, a family-run Hollywood institution that's been around since 1949.  It's right off Hollywood Boulevard.  The Boulevard was packed with tourists taking advantage of the 3-day weekend!

Angel, age 6
To our delight, at Miceli's there was a little midget restaurant manager who made sure we were well taken care of.   Angel, who is six years-old, was very attentive to our needs.  I watched him making the rounds of all the tables in our area, solemnly asking the patrons if everything was okay.

What a cutie!

I'm not sure about the child labor laws aspect of this - but I'll bet the kid was having the time of his life in his cute little shirt and tie.  I'm also pretty sure he was having a much better time hanging with mom and/or dad at the restaurant as opposed to being with a baby-sitter.

We enjoyed his attentive service very much.  (I only wish my camera took better photos in low light conditions!)

Miceli's is an interesting place with a lot of old world charm.  The ceiling is festooned with empty wine bottles.  They are autographed with names and dates and some bear interesting slogans.

The colorful ceilling
This (below) is my neighbor, George.  He is exceptionally kind and always fun to be with.  I'm very glad he lives next door and doesn't mind when I have germs.

My handsome neighbor George
Oh, here (below) is the back wall of Miceli's.  I love the pizza-bearing Mona Lisa on the left.   It was quite dark in the restaurant, but you can still make out the pepperoni pizza Mona is holding.

Pizza!  So that's why Mona has that secret smile!  That made me laugh.

Mona Lisa with a pizza
Ray came along with us.  Ray was visiting for the weekend from Virginia. It was so much fun to see him again! Ray is a very handsome man, but he does hair shows and some enterprising hair stylist had recently made him a blond for a show.

He says he's letting it grow out a bit before he cuts it.  It was an interesting "look" for him. I won't say who it reminded me of, but I think a fake red nose and big, oversized shoes would have completed his ensemble nicely.  (Sorry, Ray!  You know I love you!)

A smiling Ray
The food was good.  I got a Vermicelli Putanesca that was a bit skimpy on the vermicelli and a bit overloaded with tomato chunks.  The sauce was excellent, however.  Those are Greek olives in there.  Yummy.

Vermicelli Putanesca
It was so nice to get off my death bed for a few hours and do something fun.  Even if I promptly went home and slept for a couple of hours!

A sniffling and coughing Yours Truly at Miceli's
I appreciate good friends.

I appreciate having a 3-day weekend.

I appreciate this wonderful country we live in and the freedoms we enjoy because of the sacrifices of so many.  Amen.

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