Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hat Day!

Doug posing with his Red Chinese cap
Last Friday was "wear your favorite hat" day at our office.  It was fun to see all the different headgear people came up with!

Doug, for example, was wearing a Red Chinese cap.  He laughed and said he had bought it in China and he wore it to bug the Taiwanese folks who work in our office.  (He was kidding.)  He looked very handsome in it, actually.  Don't you agree?

Ana does Minnie
Engineer Ana looked adorable in her Minnie Mouse ears.  Well, she looks adorable anyway.  It's not that difficult!

Anthony is never afraid to participate in these things.  I really love him for that.  He always has a bright smile, my camera just caught him in an "off" moment.

Anthony proclaims himself to be a Dodgers fan
Giuseppe looked dashingly handsome in his ball cap.

Giuseppe looks sharp
... and I caught Edward on the phone, so I couldn't ask him if his headgear came from a Renaissance Faire, or a Bakery...

Edward has a Renaissance cap on
I'm glad I work with so many fun, intelligent people.  I'm lucky in that regard.

Hat Day does make conferencing look a bit humorous, like when I caught the transportation planners, Bruce and Ivy, going over notes for a project. 

Bruce and Ivy both look adorable
I was delighted by our receptionist Carmen's look.  Isn't she beautiful?

Carmen looked very cool!
And last, but certainly not least, here is our IT guy, Gerry, sporting a very British cap.  He looks like he should be motoring somewhere in a sporty roadster.

Gerry went for a sporty look.

I appreciate my co-workers for their joie de vivre and their affability.  Thanks for always smiling for the camera, everybody!  I think you're all great.

Hat's off to you!

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