Friday, February 13, 2015

Where Did Winter Go?

My friend Bianca
Today I drove to work in sunshine and wearing a short sleeved shirt.  It will be in the 80s today.  Winter never really hit Southern California this year and even though we got some rain, it wasn't enough to put a dent in our vast deficit of water resources.  We are still in a drought situation and it looks like our winter is over for this year.

All these things made me a little sad as I came to work

Then I saw the photos of my friend Bianca and started smiling.

Bianca is turning 3 on Tax Day this year (April 15th).  She doesn't let anything get her down.  She is a happy little girl, interested in everything around her.  The photos above show her checking out her rain gear on one of the few rainy days we had around here last month.

Jeffrey and Belle
These are Bianca's doggies, Jeffrey and Belle.  They are adorable.  They kinda make me smile, too.

Hope you have something to smile about today.  

Have a terrific - and lucky - Friday the 13th!

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