Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dinner and Theatre

Peggy and her Dad
My friend Peggy and I dragged her father, who is now visiting here from the frozen wastes of Ohio, to the theatre this past weekend.  We went to see the Whittier Community Theatre's current production of Johnny Guitar, which is still playing for the next two weekends (see my post of February 3, 2015).

Peggy's dad is a great guy.  He very cheerfully submitted to a dinner of hole-in-the-wall Chinese food.  

Actually, what I ordered wasn't too bad!  There was orange chicken and green beans.

Orange Chicken with green beans - yum!
For dessert there was a very deeply philosophical fortune cookie...

The ubiquitous Fortune Cookie
... because all fortune cookies are...

and hot chili sauce.
Chili Sauce - my favorite!
I love spicy foods.

But that's not the point.  I think the point is, going out for dinner and off to the theatre with friends is a lot of fun, no matter how posh.

Yours Truly at the Chinese eatery
In case you hadn't noticed, this tiny Chinese place we went to is NOT posh, but they serve decent, inexpensive food.

And it's fast.  We are always running late, and an eight o'clock curtain comes quickly sometimes.

Peggy and her father in the City's Center Theatre
We made it just in time to enjoy the show, and we did ENJOY the show.  Johnny Guitar was funny.

Really, really FUNNY.  

The principals of Johnny Guitar:
Jay Miramontes, Mallory Kerwin and Matt Berardi

It's also a musical, and the music was terrific.  We felt well entertained.

If you get a chance, y'all come on over to Whittier on one of the next two weekends and see this show!  Y' hear?

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