Friday, February 6, 2015

Team Tee Shirt Day

Carlos showing off his shirt
I think I've mentioned before how much I love my co-workers.  We have a truly nice and talented bunch of people working for our company!

Our latest company activity was a "Wear your favorite team tee-shirt, jersey or cap" to work day.
This took place on Friday, January 30th.

Brian laughing at my lack of logo knowledge
We all took up the challenge!

Barbara looks cute showing off her team shirt
 It was fun seeing what people were wearing.

Bruce is a Lakers fan
I think we all secretly enjoy dressing up weird.

Laura's tee could have doubled as a mini-dress!
Laura borrowed a tee from her son that could have doubled as a mini-dress!  She looked very nice, but it was funny.  I should have gotten a photo of her standing up, so you could really see it!  It was huge on her.
Arnold looked handsome in his jersey
I wish my auto-focus wouldn't go wonky every now and then!
Some people surprised me.  I hadn't counted on Nikita being a Lakers' fan!
Nikita looks cute in her jersey!
And I was surprised when our company president brought his shirt in and hung it up - symbolically - in the kitchen!  He apologized and said he had to attend several business meetings that day and couldn't be wearing this Chiefs shirt.

At least he got into the spirit of the thing!
Company President Jimmy brought in his Kansas City Chiefs tee, but refused to wear it!
Some people just chose to wear a hat.

Sabrina's is quite jaunty.
Sabrina enjoyed her noodles with her team cap on
 Anthony wore his LA cap proudly.
Anthony was stylin' in his LA cap

I, of course, had to wear my BYU shirt. Go Cougars!

We all had a really good time!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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