Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Angels in Spring

Angel, Desiree's kitty, sitting in the middle of the bird feeder
I hope everyone had a lovely Presidents' Day holiday!  I know I did.  Jack and I had a great time together. The weather is warm and sunny and delightful here in Southern California. Up in the Pacific Northwest, my friend Desiree says spring has started poking through the winter cold and rain.

Here, it's in the 80s.  Up there it's been in the mid-60s, so the very first flowers of spring have bloomed.

Desiree says her blooming violets are a sure sign that the Fairies are active!

Violets bursting forth on the back lawn
While it's been a mild winter so far, Desiree reports she and her neighbors are bracing for a late spring ice storm.  It's easy to get complacent when you have a mild winter, but the Pacific Northwest is notorious for late spring snow and ice storms!

The tragedy, says Desiree, is that the spring flowers get coaxed out into bloom only to be wiped out by these types of storms - then there are no flowers again until June or July.  She's keeping her fingers crossed this year that they cruise right on into a warm and sunny spring and summer.

Meanwhile, on her front lawn, a single Snow Drop has pushed her slender head up at the feet of Desiree's Welcome Angel.

A lone snowdrop ventures forth at the feet of the Welcome Angel
Now, let's take another look at Angel, the kitty.  You may notice she's sitting in the middle of the bird feeder!

I think Angel is convinced that little shaded platform is for her, and she's just wondering where all those pesky birds are! Kitties are so funny. I can imagine the conversation:  Hey, look at me!  I'm here! Where are you guys?  I want to play!

Angel, they're hiding!  The birds won't come if you are sitting there!

Really?  Why not?  Why are they hiding?  I want to play!

Angel, sweetheart, the birds are not going to come out while you are sitting there!

I don't understand.  I'm adorable.

Thanks, Desiree, for sharing your photos with us!  
(And please give Angel a hug from me and Jack!)

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