Monday, February 23, 2015

Sabrina's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sabrina!
L to R: Carmen, Sabrina and Laura
One of the fun things we do as an office is celebrate birthdays.  We recently got together to tell Sabrina we are very happy she was born!  Oh, yes, we also had lunch!

Lunch was at a local eatery known as the Thai House.

Barbara and Carmen
The Thai House has really good Pad Thai and other yummy things for lunch!  We had a good time with all the ladies from the office.

I love these women!  They are beautiful, bright and very kind.  I enjoy spending my days with them.
Nikita, Ivy and Ana
Historically, it's only been the marketing ladies that got together for lunch, or sometimes the marketing and admin ladies.  However, we've expanded our group to include the planners and engineers.  That makes it more fun.

Say Cheese!
L to R: Nikita, Ivy, Ana and Veronica
Veronica recently announced she is expecting a baby in August!  She and her husband, Evan, are very excited about the news.  (I am too!  I love babies!)

Veronica and I hamming it up for the camera
I had a shrimp Pad Thai for lunch that was great.  You can see by our clothing that it's been fairly warm around here.  It's been a very mild winter.  The day we went for lunch it was beautiful, moderately warm and sunny.

Trying to capture the moment!
I always become the annoying woman with the camera on these occasions, but I can't help it!  I must have photos for this blog, you know.  I'm so happy that Barbara helped by taking some photos of her own.

Sabrina is a highly talented graphic artist.  She's also one of those truly, naturally funny ladies that just make you laugh.  I love being around her!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration, Sabrina.  I sure did!
Happy Birthday, my friend!

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