Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow Angels

Digging out after a snow storm with a shovel is slow going!
On January 28th I posted a blog about my friend Donna measuring the two feet of snow at her house in Connecticut.  Well, digging out from such a storm is a tough job.  I read where there has now been even more snow back East.

All this makes me feel slightly guilty.  They are predicting temps in the high 80s for the greater Los Angeles area over the next week.  So, no snow here!

Brother Twelves and his snow blower to the rescue!
Well, what do you do with more than two feet of snow?  You start digging yourself out with your snow shovel.

Donna resignedly got her snow shovel and began digging out the driveway.

She had gotten as far as the oak tree in her front yard, when this guy pulled up, pulled a snow blower out of his truck and started in on her driveway!

She was far enough away, she couldn't tell who it was and finally called out, "Do I know you?"

It turned out, she did!  To her surprise it was Brother Twelves from her church (she is LDS).  Brother Twelves got his snow blower into action and announced more helpers were on the way.

Working hard!
Soon a whole bunch of "angels" showed up to help.  This included Brother Haglund with his two little boys (Quinlin and Alistair), two full-time missionaries (an Elder Fish and his companion), and Aaron, one of the teens in the Ward (congregation).

Getting into the spirit of things!
With all of them working together, the work went along quickly.

Of course, kids and snow are a recipe for fun, so Alistair and Quinlin couldn't resist doing somersaults and playing a little game of King of the Mountain!

Playing in the snow
Donna said it was a delight to watch the little boys enjoying the snow so much!  (It looks like fun!  I remember what that was like from my childhood in snow country!)

King of the hill!
It didn't take much time for the group to get everything taken care of.

With so many helping hands, the driveway and sidewalks were cleared in no time at all!

The group then trooped off to go help other members of their Ward who were snowed in.

Donna's home after the angels left
Truly, they were Snow Angels!

Thanks for sharing your story and photos, Donna!  Stay warm!

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