Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prominent Canadian Artist Fred!

Untitled, Dec 2014
Everyone is an artist at five years old, someone once said.  I suspect that's true of all of us, even you!

Fred is five and a half.  (Have you noticed that once you hit, like, 21, you never add the "half" any more?  Why is that?)

Fredrik, the balloon artist
My great nephew, Fred, is quite the artist.  I really enjoy his art, too!  I see the Lego and, perhaps, some angry bird influences in his work.

He recently had a showing at his home in Canada.

The Red Bird Bandit
I love the smile behind the artwork!
The colors are bold, the forms are simple, and the execution is quite striking.

What do you think?  I'd say it's Expressionism at its most basic.

Lego in Blue
When was the last time you put a crayon, colored marker, drawing pencil or some paints to paper?

Have you fostered your inner child creativity lately?

What are you waiting for?

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