Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Lego Kid

My Grand-Nephew Fredrik is quite the Lego builder.

Here's the latest design in spacecraft this year
Fred just doesn't put the kits together, he starts creating his own vehicles.  I think that's pretty cool for a 5 year-old.

Coming in for a landing!
His grandfather and I had Legos long before anyone else in America, you know.  That's because Legos were created by a Danish toy manufacturer, and we had a Norwegian grandfather who supplied us with them long before they were marketed in the United States.

Yes, it's true!  I was building Lego houses for my Barbie doll a very long time ago.

All clear for take off!
Fredrik is a creative free spirit, but he seems to really like to create planes and space vehicles.  On a recent family trip to Quebec, Fred coerced Mom and Dad into buying him even more Legos.  Here (see photos above and below) he is in the hotel room happily making more toys.

Fred scored new Legos on a recent trip to Quebec
He was a very happy little boy.

Looks like a serious pilot there!  I want that red R2 unit!
Meanwhile, back at home, his Lego creations know no bounds!

Zoom! Zoom!  On the dinner table!

Thanks for sharing your creations, Fredrik!

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