Monday, November 17, 2014

An Evening With My Sisters

Listening to Sister Pendleton
Thursday night we had an informal Relief Society gathering down at the church house.  It's always fun to gather with my sisters, so I dashed over after work, barely making it in time for the opening prayer!

We each got a little craft Christmas card to complete
The evening began with a simple and quite easy craft project.   We all got to make little Christmas cards with colored paper and stamps.  There were little envelopes to slip them into.  I think mine looked pretty good.

I'm not much at crafts, but this 5-minute craft was fun!

Waiting out turns for sharing

Enjoying the evening
Sister Delgado's mom was visiting.  It was fun that she was able to join us.  The Sister Missionaries had brought along several women with them, as well.  We had a good group.

We were encouraged to bring donations for Deseret Industries, and many did
We were asked to bring gently used shoes for donating to Deseret Industries.  Many brought various donations.  We got a pretty good pile of donations!

After a short program, we had dessert - yummy pumpkin and apple holiday pies

Yummy desserts!
 It was all just as good as it looks.
Just the way I like it!
I really enjoy our Relief Society get-togethers.  We don't get to visit nearly enough at church on Sundays.

Relief Society is the oldest, and largest women's organization in the world!  I love my Relief Society sisters.  You go, Girls!

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