Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Swiss Disco

You can just make out the musician behind the bar
in this photo of the Swiss Restaurant interior
I have a dear friend who, every now and then, drags me along on culinary adventures.  So, I shouldn't have been surprised on Friday night to be whisked  off to Valley Glen to the Swiss Chef Restaurant.

Valley Glen is an area close to Van Nuys, and, believe me, an unlikely place for a good restaurant.

Okay, I have been to this place before, and their Swiss/German/Italian cuisine is excellent.  Last time we were serenaded by accordion music and a violinist.

This time was something even more fun!

These statues greet visitors in the foyer
We got there late, and as we were about half-way into our delicious meals (think Sauerbraten, and Rahmschnitzel with spaetzli and red cabbage - yum!) when the chef came out of the kitchen, doffed his tall white chef's hat, picked up a microphone and began singing along with the musician who had been playing soft mood music through our dinner!

Chef Ueli Huegli with the mike
We began to laugh, but then were quickly caught up in the show.  It was a LOT of fun.

The Swiss cap for for a song about a tired soldier whose feet hurt
We listened to all kinds of old favorites, many of which were familiar to me, sung in German, French and Italian. The audience often sang along.

Entertaining the birthday group of ladies
There were lots of corny jokes.  At one point the chef flicked a switch on a round lamp and quipped, "Look!  Swiss Disco!"

The restaurant was only partially filled, but everyone there had a lot of fun, even getting up to dance in the small space available.

At one point, they even played the Chicken Dance to the delight of the dancers!

This harvest setting greeting us as we came into the restaurant
What a fun evening!  I noticed one table of German people who knew all the German songs that were performed and happily sang along.  We participated as best we could in singing the French songs and English songs and others that we knew.

I laughed and really enjoyed myself.

Perhaps the best part of all was that the whole evening was so unexpected.

Christmas Village
On the way out of the restaurant, we stopped to admire the beautiful Christmas Village display.  There were some charming ceramic houses there.  It was an extensive collection.

A Woody is parked at the Village Gas Station
I love this stuff.  The hostess told us that it took about 13 hours to set this up properly.  It was so painstakingly, and lovingly, done.

The Ski Run
I think my favorite was the ski run!  The tiny skiers swooshed down the mountain and then would reappear at the top to swoosh down again!

The peaceful village
"You need to come back next week," the hostess continued.  "We'll be getting in our big Christmas trees then!"  Yes.  She said TREES.  Plural.

If you want a bit of Old World charm for the holidays, visit the Swiss Chef Restaurant.  You can check out the menu and get more information on their website at

I intend to enjoy some time off, so this is my last post until Monday, December 1st.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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