Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun Halloween Costumes Around the Office

Just when you thought the Halloween photos were over...
Harry Potter (AKA Anthony)
I couldn't go without posting the rest of the fun costumes this year.  This year's Halloween celebration was a lot of fun because people really got into the spirit of fun and whimsy!

That's my favorite part of Halloween - the sweet and funny part.  It's about the kid in all of us dressing up and eating lots of candy.  What's not to like?

Hey, don't wave that wand at me!
It was nice to see that, and as the week of October 27th progressed, and Halloween grew closer, that the cubicle decorating continued.  There was a lot of speculation as to what people were going to dress as.  It became a fun topic of conversation.

"Are you going to dress up?"

"Yes, I'm thinking about it!"

"So, what are you wearing?"

"I"m not telling!"

When Friday arrived, I was really surprised at the diversity of costumes.
Ivy looked adorable
I thought at first that Ivy was a panda bear.  Then she pulled on her hood and I cracked up.  "Hi, Olaf!" I cried!

Actually I was a bit relieved she hadn't chosen to be a Frozen Elsa or Frozen Anna like half the rest of the female world this year.  Olaf was a cute costume.

It's really Ivy
Laura's was more subtle, but cute.  It was a few sizes too big, which cracked me up.  She looked like one of my P.E. teachers from long ago.

Our new Marketing Director, Laura channeling her fave team
Almost everyone got into the spirit of things and dressed in costume.  It was such fun.

Where's Nikita?
Nikita is such a cutie pie.  I thought her choice of Where's Waldo-esque attire was adorable!

Walter, a company founder, made a suave cowboy.

Ol' Cowboy Walter
Frank B's costume cracked me up.

Frank - one of the undead?  Oh My!
Frank G's costume was timeless.  I love that he actually had a whip with him!  Looks like a perfect Indiana Jones to me!

Frank G. as Indiana

I managed to get Carmen, Barbara and Nikita to pose together.  Carmen forgot her witch hat, but you get the idea...

Carmen, Barbara and Nikita
Bruce was a ball player. I liked his attention to detail.

Big Leagues' Bruce
Gerry, the IT guy, also chose a sports' themed costume.  (It's a guy thing, isn't it?)

Gerry giving us a thumbs up on our costumes

Events such as these bring people together and create a fun work atmosphere.

The firm's reception area
Needless to say, there are still a couple more costumes to show you.

Stay tuned for the final installment of Halloween 2014!

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