Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Palmyra Pizza

My great-nephew Fred attacking the pizza
My nephew Daniel has always been a big fan of pizza.  It's fun to see his children share his enthusiasm.  I like pizza too!

These photos were taken on a recent family vacation to Palmyra, New York.  They stopped by for some pizza.  Daniel was later to comment it was one of the best pizzas he'd ever had.

Main Street - Palmyra hasn't changed much at all since I was there in the 1950s as a small child!
My parents took me on a similar sojourn to Palmyra when I was about Fred's age.  I remember it looking a bit dingier - the buildings seem to have been spruced up a bit since then (thank heavens) - but remain inherently the same.

Churches line the main drag in Palmyra, New York
I don't think Palmyra has seen a lot of growth through the past...oh,  ten or so decades.

What was new, however, was this pizzeria where our little family stopped for lunch. It's housed in an older building, so I guess that makes it okay.

Mark's Pizzeria
My nephew writes that "from the newspaper articles on the wall, it seems that Mark's Pizzeria started in Palmyra in the early 1980s and has since become a local chain".

Still eating pizza
  They apparently have over 40 branches or franchises in upstate New York now.  That's a lot of pizza.

They promise to treat you like family.  That's either a promise or a threat, depending on your family!
 I shouldn't joke about families.  I like mine!

Daddy and Livia
My nephew Daniel (above) appears to be a good daddy.  That's the hardest job in the world, I think.  I haven't seen him for a long while, so I like the fact he always posts lots of pictures for me!  Here he is with his little darling girl Livia.  She likes pink.  Me too.

Here's Daniel's lovely wife, Holly, with Fredrik.  Fred is going to be starting kindergarten soon.

Mommy and Fred
We'll have more posts on Palmyra coming up in the future!  There was a lot to see.  The area is full of historical sites for Latter-day Saints.

Hmmm.  Pizza sounds good right now.  

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