Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just Another Day in Paradise

The Verizon guys waving good-bye
I went downstairs to get in my car to go to work the other day, and low and behold - there was a Verizon truck and some workers set up right in front of my garage.

"How am I supposed to get to work, guys?" I queried impatiently, and with a bit of apprehension.  I was already running late.

"No problem, Ma'am!" they said.  They quickly and pleasantly moved out of the way, and even waved good-bye to me.

Nice guys.

Getting back to business
Life in Southern California can be interesting.

Like the day I followed the Los Angeles County Coroner's van for a good part of my commute.

Following the Los Angeles County Coroner's van on my commute
Call me crazy, but I kept looking for Dr. Quincy, M.D., and came to work feeling sad all over again about Jack Klugman having passed away.

Then there was the day I waited for a long while by the mall in a mad traffic snarl.  As I got closer to the mall, I saw there were police, fire trucks, Caltrans workers and hazmat guys everywhere!

California Highway Patrol blocking the way
The problem was actually just a little past the mall near the ramps to the Pomona (60) Freeway.

There were cops and Caltrans workers everywhere.
When I got closer, there was a tanker truck lying on its side, looking like a dead bug.  I couldn't help but wonder how it got that way.  

The tanker truck - luckily for us the tank hadn't been compromised, but there was a small diesel fuel spill
I often wonder what happens to drivers who crash these big things.  This one looked like it had tried to take the turn for the freeway on-ramp too fast, but who knows?

I once knew a hazardous materials trucker who had a small car cut him off, sending him into a frenzied attempt to avoid hitting other cars around him.  The end result was in him hanging half-way off the Vincent Thomas bridge.  It was pretty exciting, and not his fault.  He walked away from that one, but just barely.  It was a harrowing experience.

When it's quiet you can hear the insurance premiums rising all around you.

Every day brings a new challenge in the big city.

One morning I got to Cesar Chavez Boulevard to find my way to the office (The office building complex up on the hill) totally blocked.  I had to get creative in finding my way to work that morning.

I have no idea what that was all about!

On my way to the office
Which, to quote Roseanne Roseannadanna, just goes to show there's ALWAYS SOMETHING!

Hope you have a calm, safe, and happily uneventful day!

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Goldiebug said...

Whenever I find myself cursing at traffic jams out here, I have only to think of driving in the L.A. area to put my little snafus in perspective. I don't know how you guys put up with all of your traffic headaches!