Thursday, June 12, 2014

Elder Jayson Attends a Wedding

My good friend John with his son Jayson and his wife Gayle
at Dillen's wedding
What do you do when your best friend can't make your wedding because he's still serving as a missionary?  Sometimes parents come to the rescue!

In my friend John's case, he made sure his missionary son was still able to attend his best friend's wedding. Well, in effigy, anyway!

Dillen, the groom, returned from his mission to Washington about six months ago.  That gave him enough time to find a great girl and plan a wedding.  Sadly, his friend Jayson wasn't going to be able to attend.  Even though Dillen and Jayson are close, Jayson won't be released from serving his Latter-day Saint mission until March.

What to do?

John writes:
"I bought a Mitt Romney cutout at a party store and pasted Jayson's face over it, so he could be in the pictures, sorta.  I sent him the pics today and he thought it was a hoot! He even got to 'dance' down the aisle with a pretty redhead at the ring ceremony."
They photoshopped him a proper missionary name tag to make it official.

Mom Gayle with her missionary son, a very pregnant daughter Jen, and 2 year-old grandson Christopher
Elder Jayson almost looks like he's really there!
John swears he also saw Jayson participate in a few line dances at the reception.

Not bad for a missionary who is still serving hundreds of miles away in Indiana!

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