Friday, June 6, 2014

My Stealth Kitty

"Jack?  Where are you, Jack?"
My boy was nowhere to be found!
Jack likes playing in our small courtyard.  It's relatively safe there during the day, and I keep the door to our home open, and a watchful eye out for potential problems, as Jack scampers about, frolicking in the grass.

He usually comes out and scoots back into our apartment when I call for him.

Sometimes, however, he hides. Well, he's a cat, isn't he? He hides for fun, and to tease me.

He did this on Memorial Day.

You can't see me.  You can't see me.
I kept calling him and calling him.  There was no answer.  Well, he doesn't talk, but he didn't suddenly spring forth, either.  I got worried.

I couldn't actually see his hiding place until I'd walked the length of our courtyard and started on the way back.  There he was.  Sitting very quietly in the middle of the potted plants.

You still can't see me!
I pretended I hadn't noticed where he was.

I looked high.

I looked low.

Ha!  I gotcha!  I'm a stealth kitty!
Jack!  I see you there!

"I'm really sneaky, aren't I, Mommy?

You sure are, Jack.  The Sneakiest.  You're the best.

Stealth kitty enjoys his time outdoors.

"You couldn't find me!"

Nope.  I looked and looked.  I thought I'd lost you forever.

Back inside, Jack on my lap

"It's okay now.  Here I am."

Thanks for the cuddle, Jack.  You're a good boy.  I hope you had a nice Memorial Day.

"Yup.  It was great!"

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