Monday, June 2, 2014

Jack Turns 4!

Jack enjoying his Happy Birthday cake
Yesterday, Sunday, June 1st, marked Jack's 4th birthday.  I can't believe my little boy is already four!  They grow up so fast, don't they?

We celebrated with cake and presents after church.  And -  of course - I sang Happy Birthday to him.  I think he liked the singing.

Jack checks out his toy hamster
Jack got two gifts.  The first was a toy hamster in a cage.  The toy squeaks when it is moved.  Jack thought this was interesting.  This morning he is a little afraid of it.

We'll see how he feels in a couple of days.

Jack and his catnip bag
Silly me.  I thought that Jack enjoyed his catnip banana so much that he'd enjoy another catnip toy. After all, the catnip banana has been chewed, licked, loved, and totally trashed.

With that in mind  I bought him this little catnip bag.

So, what did Jack do?  He sniffed at the new catnip toy. Then he went over to where his catnip banana lay on the floor, sniffed it - then looked up at me.  I could read his expression perfectly.  

It was: I've already got one, mom!  Already. Got. One.  A perfectly good one.  Sheesh.  Humans.

Sigh.  I tried.

Hey birthday boy, how about some purple frosting?
So, we decided to try the cake.  Jack enjoyed a little bit of frosting.

Then he played a little bit, then he took a nap. Sunday afternoons are perfect for nap time.

All in all it was a pretty good birthday celebration!


Marybeth said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Linnea said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! Looks like fun!