Friday, April 18, 2014

Holly Berry Bunny

Ready for my close-up, Mom!
In keeping with my tradition of posting silly animal photos on Fridays, I am featuring Miss Holly Berry today. She is very shy around people, but likes dressing in her bunny ears during Easter.

Holly is a sweetheart.  She wishes each of you a very lovely Easter holiday.

In the midst of the silliness that often accompanies our Easter celebrations, and getting some time off for Spring Break, let's not forget what Easter is really all about.

Because of Christ's sacrifice for us, everyone who has lived on earth (Holly Berry included) will one day live again.  What a wonderful gift we have been given  - one that has nothing to do with chocolate, eggs or bunnies.  It is a gift given out of infinite love.  One that we should probably be a lot more mindful of in our day-to-day lives, and a lot more thankful for.

A Joyous Easter to you all, 
wherever you may be in the world!

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