Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Jay Douglas
Today is my brother Jay's birthday.  He's one of those totally great guys that you really enjoy having around. I've felt that way since he was ten or so.  (Ha)  No, I'm totally kidding.  I've kinda enjoyed having him around since he was born - on April 17th, a very long time ago. 

Jay is a "hat man".  He enjoys wearing hats and has a large collection of them.

This is a recent purchase (below).  He tells me that you get to put the "bash" in the hat yourself, and steam it to set the bash the way you want it. 

There's evidently an entire, complicated procedure to this. As well as a long history behind it.

The new hat without the "bash"
I'm not sure I understand the hat thing, but it's interesting, serves a useful purpose (keeping my brother from getting sunburn and skin cancer) and mostly harmless.

One of Jay's hats after "the bash"
I think men in hats are dashing, of course.

But there's the question of the weather.  The climate in Utah is probably much more conducive to wearing hats, than that of Southern California!

I really love my little brother.  He's the best.

It's always nice to run a blog about him now and then.  He's pretty important in my life.

Happy Birthday, Lillebror!

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