Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gabby's Easter

Now this is very interesting, thought Gabby, as she sniffed the Easter basket!
This is Gabby.  She was a stray kitty that my nephew Anders adopted right before he left to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He's currently in Texas, preaching the gospel, while Gabby is waiting for him to return.  

Gabby got her name because she talks a lot.  I find that a great quality in a cat.  I like cats who talk.  My Jack is the strong, silent type. (I like him too, of course, but we communicate mostly by mime.)

Gabby got to experience her very first Easter this year.  Gabby found it all very interesting!

Here is Gabby posing for the camera.
Everyone who knows her says she is a talkative sweetie pie.
So, to have a great Easter egg hung, you need to begin with some colored eggs.  Then you must to hide them in tricky places - like a planter...

An Easter egg lurks
 .. or anywhere on the patio... or the garden...  Then you add in a little boy.

This is my nephew Christian.  He is eleven.  His Mom thought he might be too grown up for hunting Easter eggs this year. No, he protested.  It's Easter, after all.

Hunting for eggs
 So the hunt was on!

Finding treasures on the backyard fence
 Mom and Dad had hidden the eggs in some clever places.

Checking the trees
 Some eggs were hidden high and some were hidden low.

Hmmmm... I thought I saw another one down here
Gabby decided she needed to have the full Easter egg hunt experience.  She began following Christian around the garden!

Whatcha got there!  I want some too.
 Gabby really liked the eggs!

I want to eat this one.
Gabby followed Christian until all the eggs were found.

Thanks for all the help, Gabby!
 Gabby later discovered that the eggs had come from a carton.  That was very interesting, as well.

Inspecting the egg carton
Gabby had a good time on Easter Sunday.

So did Christian!

I think I made a pretty good haul, says Christian
 He couldn't have done it without Gabby, of course.

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