Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter at the Embassy

Our Easter Princess - My Great Niece Livia
I hope it's not too late to post Easter photos.  It was only a week and a half ago, right?  Well, I just got these great photos of Livia and Fred's Easter celebration at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, Canada!

Spring appears to be finally appearing after a long winter.  It was warm enough for the Embassy to host a fun event for their children on the Embassy grounds.  It looks like they had a pretty amazing time celebrating there.

Even the Easter Bunny showed up!

Just between you and me, I find these huge Easter bunnies a bit terrifying.
At least this one had a nice expression.
Livia (Bottom left corner above) doesn't quite know what to think about the Easter bunny.  I agree.

The kids also took part in a spirited Easter egg hunt on the Embassy grounds.

Fred takes off, while Livia takes a moment to pose for the camera
Hmmm... maybe there are directions here as to where to find the eggs... okay, maybe not!

Look what I colored!

The Embassy children gathered for a group shot with Mr. Bunny
What an adorable bunch of children.  Having parents who work for the State Department doesn't make for an easy life.  These kids must learn to be resilient and adaptable to constant change.  It's nice that the Embassy puts on these fun events for them.

 A fun time was had by all!

Canada's Parliament building as seen from the Embassy grounds

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