Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweet Doggies

Julie and Josie
 Have you ever tried to get a happy, wiggly dog to pose and smile for the camera?

C'mon girl!  Smile!
We tried it not too long ago up at my friend's place in North Hills.  They have two dogs, Josie and Holly Berry.

Julie tried very hard to get her canine friend Josie to pose properly for a good picture.

It was a lost cause from the beginning!

Close!  We're getting there!
The problem was, Josie was just so happy to see us and have some one-on-one time with her friend Julie, that it was impossible to get her to stand still and pose!

She had lots and lots of wiggles!

Now, just lift your head up!
We tried.  We really did.

No, wrong way, Josie!
But no matter what we did, Josie wouldn't cooperate.  She was just so full of excitement and happiness at seeing her friends.

There's our girl!
We came close, though, a few times!

I like Josie.  She's a great dog.

In the meantime, her adopted sister Holly Berry posed beautifully.

Holly and her human Mommy Jackie
Holly is very shy and timid around other people, but she was very happy to see us, too.  She just preferred to sit close to her mom and enjoy the moment from afar.

So, what kind of a personality are you when you are very happy?  Do you get all wiggly and excited?  Or do you sit quietly and savor the moment?

Please note that both of these beautiful and loving animals were rescues 
who were adopted from a shelter. 
Please spay and neuter your pets!  
Please adopt from caring, local shelters instead of puppy mills!

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