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Sligo ( pronounced Sly-goh), is a quaint Irish town, and the County seat of County Sligo, Ireland.  The City of Sligo and surrounding area is the most populated area of the County, with a population of close to 20,000 according to a recent census.

It is located in the Republic of Ireland.

The Police Station still features a Victorian Sign Post
Sligo is a major commercial port on the Atlantic Ocean - and the one furthest north - on Ireland's west coast.

This charming port city is also a major tourist destination.  People are drawn to the city for the natural beauty of the countryside surrounding it, and for the literary and cultural associations.  The City boasts significant ties to two Irish literary sons: the Nobel laureate W.B. Yeats, and writer Spike Milligan.

The name Sligo comes from an Irish word (Sligeach) that means a place with a lot of shells.  There is evidently a lot of shellfish to be found along the coast, the river and its estuary.  The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age, no doubt because of the plentiful food in the area.

There are many ancient Neolithic sites close to Sligo for this reason.  These are popular tourist destinations, as well as being of archaeological significance.

Nearly 30,000 people emigrated to America from the Port of Sligo between 1847 and 1851.  These were the years of the "Great Famine".

 The City of Sligo sits along the Garavogue River.

What a beautiful place.

Thanks for sharing your photos of Ireland, Lisa!

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