Friday, February 21, 2014

Jack Still Loves His Banana

Jack and his catnip banana
Hi.  I'm Jack.  I live with my mom.  I love my banana.  Mom says it's full of stuff called 'catnip'.  It smells really good.  I lick it and play with it a LOT.

Getting distracted by somebody at the door!

I don't always play with my banana toy.

Sometimes I just hang out with mom.  We've been watching the Olympics!  I like to cuddle up in the afghan on top of the couch and just hang.

I'm a chill California dude that way.

Just hanging out with mom watching the Olympics
But, then I get tired of watching TV and want to play some more.

My Aunt Jackie gave me my toy because we have names that are alike!  She loves me.  She and my Aunt Maura saved me from a very short life on the mean streets.

I like my banana toy
I'm a lucky kid.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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