Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Be My Valentine?

My niece-in-law, Holly, made a delicious cake for Valentine's Day!
Up in the wilds of Canada, my nephew and his family celebrated a happy Valentine's Day on Friday. Mmmm.  Chocolate Cake.  Looks pretty good!

Fred and Livia enjoy their Valentine's day cake with their Mommy

Livia is doing a good job with that fork!

So is Fred.  He looks quite intent on eating his slice!

Afterwards, Fred decided to make his own Valentine's Day cake from Play-doh!

Looks pretty good!
He also fashioned some Angry Birds to go with it!

Angry Play-doh Birds.
I think Fred did a great job with the Play-doh.  He and his little sister can be my Valentines any day of the year!

Hope your Valentine's Day was a lot of fun and included some chocolate, too!

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