Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby, It's COLD Outside

Coming in from the cold
My nephew, Daniel, and his family currently live in Ottawa, Canada.

It is COLD there.

As a Californian, I don't even want to contemplate such a temperature!

To see Daniel all dressed up like this is kinda funny, if it weren't for the reality of the cold temperatures he's going to walk to work in!  Yes, he walks to work.  For his health, and because he enjoys it.

Like some snow-bound Ninja warrior - except for those red mittens!
I like the idea of snow.  I like the beauty of it.  I like cold weather.

I would NOT like to live in snow country ever again!

Snow piled on the porch.  The yard is flat, not hilly, by the way.
It's not just the snow, but the ice that is the problem.  I'd be staying indoors for weeks if the weather was like this where I live.

The streets of Ottawa
Okay, the recent temperatures in Ottawa are more like 15 degrees, which is do-able. but, doggone! It's still COLD.

Ninja Snowman Dan
For all of you who live in snow country, you have my sincere condolences and utmost respect!

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