Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sliabh Liag View Walk

I started posting some of my friend Lisa's lovely photos of Ireland in the Fall, but it seemed like other things just got in the way.  My resolution for this new year includes finishing these posts - mainly because the photos are beautiful and I think you will enjoy them.

Today we're visiting the Sliabh Liag (say Slieve League), or Grey Mountain view walk, which is in County Donegal..  This walk follows the highest accessible seacliff in Europe.  It's great for tourists, because it's possible to drive almost to the top.  There is a handy car park, viewing platform, and benches where you can sit and enjoy the view.

Yes, those are sheep grazing on the hillside.
I think that those are stealth sheep.  They're trying not to be seen.

Some of these vistas look bleak.

But they're still beautiful.

What do you think?

The car park and the entrance to the scenic walk
Looks like lots of other people wanted to go for a walk today, too!

Seems like a lonesome spot for a tower!
Twelve Napoleonic Towers once dotted the coast of County Donegal.  They were built in the early 19th century as lookouts against the French during the Napoleonic wars. They were manned by a British naval force called the Sea Fencibles. (That's back when Ireland was still under British rule.) From each tower, these forces could see the two other towers nearest them, so that each tower was connected for communication (probably semaphore).

Here you have a view of beautiful Donegal Bay... and then the fog rolled in!

That's a thick fog layer!

Looks like the fjords of Norway.  Almost.

You can take boat trips around the cliffs, too.

That's heather growing on the rocky point.

I like that they've put a bench by the side of the trail

Here come the tourists!

Hope you've enjoyed walking along with us today!

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